Artist's Info

Jenny Anstey

For those who’d like to know a bit more about me …!

I was born in Bristol, England, and grew up in both England and Canada. I currently live and work on Bowen Island, just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Taking art classes is an ongoing joy. I studied theatrical set decoration at the UBC department of Fine Art, and maintain continuous study in visual arts at Emily Carr University.

For fourteen years, I worked as a graphic designer for several companies in Vancouver, and provided various private clients with logos, business cards, brochures and invitations.

Bowen Island enticed my husband and I over in 1994, and I started a part-time home studio providing portraits of individuals (and dogs!) and local landscapes. I have participated and sold paintings in several exhibitions in The Gallery on Bowen Island. My latest pen & ink project “52 Reasons to Love Bowen Island” is on permanent display. 600 copies of this work were sold in 2012, with destinations around the globe.

My favorite medium is pen and ink because it offers quick rendering of a scene or an idea. Often times, the scene, person, or slant of light that triggered inspiration flashes by in an instant. It’s important to get down the gist, scribble out the moment, capture enough to be able to develop the vision more carefully back at the studio. I am always amazed how drawings encapsulate rich memories of a place that are released even when I visit them years later. They suspend the moment of being there.

Why town sketches? I think because tiny Bowen Island has shown me the value of community. It’s an invisible but fundamental foundation. I work to try capture the spirit of communities, the bonds between people who inhabit them, and the love and enjoyment flowing through everyday life.

And the big Why?! Well, I hope my drawings inspire others to love where they live. It brings such a strong sense of belonging. And with that, we all tend to give a bit more to our community, and so the good stuff grows. All the best, Jenny.